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Katz’s Corner Episode 25: Adventures in Distortion

I love that Bob speaks about Bob in third person. Mark is always interested in what Bob has to say. https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/katzs-corner-episode-25-adventures-distortion

Calcolo della Frequenza di Risonanza dei risuonatori di Helmholtz… che poi di Helmholtz non sono!

Originally posted on Il Lato Oscuro della Fase:
L’uso di risuonatori per modificare l’acustica di un luogo è una scoperta molto antica. Sono chiamati di  Helmholtz (Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, 1821 – 1894, è stato un medico, fisiologo e fisico tedesco), ma l’uso di contenitori come brocche, anfore, etc  come risuonatori acustici, risale al teatro greco antico. Fonte Wikipedia ?…

Ben Ales – “The Fool”

The end of 2017 has been so busy, I have not had time to update you on my latest studio project; a very good friend of mine, Ben Ales has given me the honour of recording, mixing and co-producing his debut album “The Fool”. It was a pleasure to work with such great musicians on an … Continue reading

New pics up from the nothing, nowhere – Good Charlotte Tour


Audio networking over IP

A pretty good (although slightly dry) read from Calrec on different types of protocols and how they compare.. Calrec Article HERE

Guitar Mic Shoot-Out

Here is a fascinating insight into tones and qualities of different classic guitar mics. You can also download the Pro Tools Session @ 96k 24bit. Very pleased to have SM57s, i5s and m88s in stock! Guitar Mic Shoot-Out HERE

Back It Up

Life expectancy of your Laptop / PC / external hard drive and how long you have to back it up; from the life savers at Backblaze. Hard Drive Stats

Here’s a great plug-in to integrate MetaData compiling directly in your DAW

Check it out here: Soundways RIN

Interesting read for transformer geeks

Di Box Shoot Out

Happy 200th birthday audio; how recordings began.

At The Dawn Of Recorded Sound, No One Cared

A facinating trip into the genius of Brian Eno

Brian Eno: Behind The Reflection – BBC Click

Recommended Podcast: WCA

Working Class Audio – Navigating the World of Recording With a Working Class Perspective

Things I wish I learned sooner about audio engineering

Things I wish I learned sooner about audio engineering

Interview with Jamie Harley, sound engineer for Aphex Twin, Autechre…

Interview with Jamie Harley, sound engineer for Aphex Twin, Autechre and more

An experiment I did some time back..

What Mp3 does to your audio – MP3 vs. WAV from Mark Johnston on Vimeo.

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